Our specialty is brainstorming (idea generation), brand identity and print. From here, design flows into all forms of collateral, unique to each industry.

  • Brand

• Name
• Logo
• Vocabulary (fonts, colour palettes and design elements)
• Visual Style Guide (advice for using the brand)
• Stationery
• Signage
• Other unique collateral relevant to your business (for example forms, stickers, vouchers)

  • Print

• Annual Reports
• Magazines
• Corporate publications
• Newsletters
• Brochures
• Novels
• You name it – we do almost all forms of publications

  • Content creation

• Copy (written content)
• Photography (your very own photo shoot)
• Illustration styles
• Infographics
• Unique design elements and more

  • And that’s not all…

• Websites
• Social media
• Advertising
• Wedding campaigns
• Idea generation for your unique projects


Or not sure? Flick us a quick email about what you need, and we will get back to you with some thoughts on how you can proceed. If you require something we can not provide, we will do our best to recommend someone relevant for you.

The design process:

Every new project starts with a discussion. For first time clients we like to have a coffee (or wine), and get to understand your business – what makes it unique. After we understand who you are and what you want to communicate, then we can provide a written proposal for your consideration.

Our proposals are called ‘return briefs’. These provide a clear description of the entire project including all relevant design stages, costs, and a comprehensive schedule. Your entire project is mapped out. Once you give us the green light, we then begin our brainstorming and research for your first stage, and the magic begins!
Depending on the size of the project (some are 1 day, some are 6 month), we will organise presentations throughout the project to provide you with design options, to show you progress and receive your feedback and approval, as well as to show you interesting new insights and ideas that we have discovered that we believe may add value to your project.

At the completion of the project you receive the final designed items, as well as ideas on how to move forward, and any other advice you may need. For example if we have designed your new brand and logo, we will walk you through your unique Visual Style Guide, explaining the best practices when using your logo for maximum impact, as well as some tips and tricks for best communication.

Problem solving is inevitably the core service we provide you. We are good at, and love what we do. With 20 years of knowledge in design and business problem solving, we are confident in our ability to develop a unique design solution for your needs.

Logo Packages
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